You are always welcome at...
306 N Allen Chapel Rd
Kendalville, IN  46755
Equipping The Saints To Reach The World
Who are we?

Fellowship Bible Church began as a Bible study meeting in the Kendallville Public Library.  Our first home was a small building located at the corner of Rimmel Rd. and 415E.  We moved to our present home in Kendallville in the Fall of 2009.

We are a Bible Church.
It is our goal that all we say and do be guided by the precepts of Godís Word, the Bible.
We are committed to clearly and carefully teaching of the Bible.

We are a Friendly Church.
When you visit you will be welcomed by a small but friendly group of people.

We are a Praying Church.
We meet for prayer weekly on Wednesday evening.  We also continually share prayer needs throughout the week.  If you would like for us to pray for you feel free contact the Pastor at .  Please indicate whether your request is public or private.  If public, he will share it with others in the congregation.  If private, he alone will pray for you.

We are a Loving Church.
We love you because God loves you and Jesus died for you.